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New concept airlaid High absorption biodegradable airlaid

Airgel, an eco-friendly airlaid

From Magic commitment in innovation comes  AIRGEL, a biodegradable airlaid that, unlike the others on the market, is chemical free while ensuring the same performance levels.

The new super absorbent core is mainly composed of cellulose and contains Spongel, Magic patented super absorbent biodegradable powder.

AIRGEL structure is therefore biodegradable and compostable.


How was innovation born

In 2015 a university study showed the possibility of producing a super absorbent powder without chemical additives. Magic deeply believed in the project and in a few years implemented and tested a process and a production plant.

Ultimate performance and many benefits

After Spongel development efforts focused on the the application of the powder in the materials already produced by Magic.
From here comes Airgel, a new concept airlaid, unique on the market and showing ultimate performance:

Airgel absorbs more than 20 times its weight.

A cellulose pad absorbing 4000 g/sqm of saline solution weighs approximately 300 g/ sqm, while Airgel reaches the same absorption peak in just 180 g /sqm

Airgel reaches retention levels 15/20% higher than SAF based products and 30% higher than cellulose ones.

It is much lighter than cellulose pads, therefore with considerable advantages in terms of production, logistics and environment.

Airgel is much more eco-friendly compared to SAF and SAP based materials, because it is chemical free.

It offers a great value for money.

Main applications

Food packaging pads

In 2021 Magic has started a product switching involving the most part of its food packaging pad range. At present laminated products with biodegradable films are under test for creating completely biodegradable pads.

Medical and hygienic solutions

Main points of strenght: high absorption and retention capacity under load; constant absorption over time and therefore much more suitable to the needs of application; the chance to optimize the absorbing core and its level of absorption helps in reducing material waste and environmental impact.

Other applications




Home and industrial hygiene and cleaning

Management of bio-waste

Funeral industry

Construction and civil engineering

Airgel, eco-friendly innovation

Airgel, a solution coming from Spongel formula

The super absorbent biodegradable powder.

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