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Airlaid nonwovens report 2021: Magic among the players for production lines investments

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Airlaid nonwovens report 2021: Magic among the players for production lines investments

Nonwovens Industry’s Airlaid Nonwovens Report 2021 deals with the investments in airlaid production lines.

Compared to competing technologies, airlaid continues to represent a small share of nonwovens capacity globally as manufacturers continue to recover from a period of excessive overcapacity in the early 2000s. Venture has been moderate in recent years and only three companies invested in production plants; together with those of Glatfelter and Domtar, the report presents the case and the strategy of Magic which in 2020 inaugurated a new line for the production of Airgel, high absorption biodegradable airlaid.

Magic has invested in a Campen supplied airlaid line capable of making several types of thermal bonded airlaid products with or without tissue and nonwovens as carrier sheet, choosing the Danish company  for its know-how about product development and technical experience of airlaid production.The goal was to add into process Spongel, a super absorbent biodegradable powder, developed and patented by the company.

Before investing in the new machinery, Magic acquired airlaid from external suppliers and was highly specialized in converting airlaid for the food, medical, hygiene and personal care industries. After Spongel development, the need to develop and produce its own airlaid arose.

Mauro Giani, owner and CEO of Magic Srl, states: “Our need was to produce a new kind of highabsorbing and sustainable airlaid containing Spongel. After Spongel development, we focused our efforts on the application of the powder in the airlaid material, and we realized that we needed to be able to control the whole production process.”

Magic carried out product testing and was convinced by the results: “The airlaid material that was developed after the test surpassed the expectations we had for the material,” says Giani.

Theairlaid line was first delivered in late 2019 but Covid-related issues delayed the line’s completion to June 2021. The line consists of hammer mill lines, fiber opener, drum forming heads, SAP dispenser, compactor, thermal bonding oven, a calender unit with cooling zone, process air filter and humidification system. An unwinder for tissue and winder for final winding of the product as well as a metal detector and in-line scanner system for measuring g/m2 are also part of the line.

“The investment in this high-tech airlaid machine  transformed us from a converting company into a production company, as well as making it possible for us to create Airgel, a very exclusive and innovative product with Spongel,” says Giani.


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