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Meet Marco Alberi, our Production Manager

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Marco Alberi

Meet Marco Alberi, our Production Manager

Born in Milan, Marco brought in Magic his long experience in production management. He made his career with a lot of work, sacrifice and long stays abroad.

Over time, the need for a better quality of life as a professional and as a father matures. Gaia and Giulia are first in his heart.

In 2014 he joined Magic as Quality Manager, where he found – as he said – “fresh motivations and a working environment that helped me to combine professionalism and his dearest affections”.

Since 2021 he has been Magic’s production manager.
His role consists in making production lines and people work at their best: “Here I found professional freedom, which for me is the possibility to get in the game and play big challenges. I tend to involve different work groups and functions, all pursuing the same goal together: to do better “.

He likes to interact with people and implement a production management that is not only operational: “Faced with the problems, I try not to use established patterns; each time I rely on my experience and the qualities of the people I work with. I believe in dialogue and continuous confrontation “.

As a boy he would never have believed he was building his career in the corporate world: “I saw my professional journey in a creative sector, in graphics or in music.

But I’m Gemini, cerebral and free-spirited at the same time. In my work I followed the first of my two inclinations “.

The sense of freedom is instead what characterizes his free time and the mountain is his refuge. “I like simple things: being outdoors and playing sports”. Imagine boundless spaces, the scents and silences of nature as the culmination of his life path: “These are things that make me feel good and help me find balance and serenity”.

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