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Meet Sergio Imarisio, our Technical Director

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Meet Sergio Imarisio, our Technical Director

Born in Monferrato, Sergio graduated in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin and then gained professional experience in big companies.

He joined Magic in 2011 and was suddenly attracted by the inventiveness, creativity and spirit of innovation you can breathe in the company.
“When I entered Magic I was fascinated: my first impression was that many ideas took shape there”.
At that time Magic was growing and expanding, had only about thirty collaborators and drew its strength from very close human relationships.

As a technical director, today he is responsible for the maintenance of the production lines, the application tests and the adjustments and adaptations of the machinery according to the development of new products.

He explains the passion for his work in this way: I like to open my eyes in the morning, have an idea and be able to realize it concretely; this applies not only at work, but also in everyday life. I like to think and then bring my creative part into play: there is never a right or wrong way of doing things, only by experimenting you can understand the success of a good intuition.

Persistence in shaping ideas starts from his early childhood, when he designed and built toy car models. His idol is Sergio Pininfarina, the automotive designer.
Even today, in his spare time, he expresses his creativity in woodworking. This hobby started when he decided to design and build a portable bunk bed for his children.
“At first I relied on electric tools, then I discovered the pleasure of hand tools and ancient techniques for woodworking. The times are longer, but the satisfaction is greater”.

In Sergio’s life there are many other interests.
His Harley Davidson, first: “It is a dream I finally realized”.
And then biking and running: “I ran some important marathons, but my greatest pleasure is when I run in the rain”.

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