What is airlaid?

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What is airlaid?

Airlaid is a type of nonwoven fabric which is manufactured by using air instead of water.

It is a fabric-like material made of natural wood fibres also known as cellulose pulp. The fibres are mixed by mechanical, chemical or thermal energy to form a nonwoven fabric.

Airlaid is produced by a web-forming process known as ‘airlaying’, which consists of mixing randomly oriented short fibres with air to form a uniform mixture that is then deposited on an air-permeable moving roll or conductor. It can be produced by various techniques and technologies, exploiting temperature and heat alone (thermal cohesion), exploiting latex as a binder, exploiting special temperature and pressure conditions with high humidity (hydrogen bonding) or a mix of these techniques.

Airlaid has unique physical features such as high elasticity, softness, very high liquid absorption and excellent liquid retention performance.
The production process of airlaid can be described as environmentally friendly: traditional wet processes use a large amount of water, whereas the airlaid process conveys and manipulates the fibres exclusively with process air and thus uses only a minimal amount of energy, as the evaporating liquids are almost zero.

Thanks to its high strength and absorbency, airlaid is widely used for a large number of everyday products, such as nappies and sanitary towels, medical products, food packaging, industrial cleaning materials, tablecloths and napkins, wet wipes and in many other applications.

Airlaid shows qualities that make it unique compared to non-woven fabrics.

STRENGTH: even when wet it is much more resistant than traditional paper materials
ABSORPTION: produced without using water it is capable of absorbing 6 times its own weight.
HYGIENICITY: tested and widely used to produce hygiene products.
PURITY: produced from natural long-fibre cellulose.

Magic presents a line of sustainable Airlaid. After Airgel, a highly absorbent airlaid developed with the patented super-absorbent biodegradable Spongel powder, the range is now enhanced by Airgel g-grade, the biodegradable and compostable airlaid certified Ok Compost.



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